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In today's competitive sports landscape, success requires a unique approach to coaching, competing, and winning. 

Cletus Coffey brings a thought-provoking, high energy, and motivational approach to his keynote talks. He helps Universities, Colleges, High Schools, and Youth programs do the following:

  • Develop and retain high quality coaches.
  • Improve athlete performance and leadership on the field. 
  • Prepare athletes to reach their HIGHest potential in life after sports. 

  • Increase alumni and community engagement and support. 

  • Create a positive culture rooted in the development of high quality human beings. 

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IDEAL FOR: Coaches | Athletes | Athletic Staff

This talk focuses on the HOTTEST topic in sports. Preparing athletes for next steps in life when their athletic career ends. This is a real game changer for any coach, athlete, or athletic staff, who desire to leave a legacy far beyond the X's and O's of sports.  

Cletus will provide a road map for developing athletes for success in life when their career ends, while at the same time improving their performance as an athlete.

He will help leaders anticipate and overcome the challenges a new approach to coaching and playing sports may bring. Cletus will inspire leaders to break free from obsolete mental models that limit success. And help leaders build tomorrow’s best practices today to compete and win in life after sports. 


  • Deep insights into the difficult challenges athletes are facing when their careers end.  

  • An understanding of the new sports leadership principles that will define a coach's and a school's legacy. 

  • What key skills athletes must begin to learn NOW to guarantee them an opportunity to succeed in their future businesses, careers, relationships, health, and even money. 

  • A clear set of actionable steps for infusing into a team's culture and philosophy, a high-value, low-risk strategy for preparing athletes for life after sports. 



IDEAL FOR:  Coaches | Athletic Staff | Executive Leadership

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."                  - William Arthur Ward

What good is a championship or record breaking sales numbers if it comes at the sake of a coach, or an executives, health, family, and overall wellbeing?

Cletus focuses on helping coaches, executives, and professionals, achieve optimal performance in life and career. In order to get the results you are looking for from your team, you need to be performing at your highest level of productivity, energy, health, mental focus, and passion.  

Cletus trains coaches and executives to lead by example by being able achieve their own career goals, while at the same time, living the lifestyle they desire.  

This win/win approach will positively affect the culture, experience, and results of their teams and the individuals who they lead. 

attendees gain: 

  • Aligning work and engagement, with mission, values, and passion. 
  • Creating a lifestyle by design for optimal health and career success.
  • Exposing common road blocks preventing you from getting better results with less time.
  • Cultivating, growing, and sustaining energy for all areas of life. 
  • Myths that are cultivating stress, uncertainty, mediocre results.
  • Productivity hacks for coaches and executives to be laser focused on whats important at work and home. 
  • How to model your behaviors to inspire your teams success. 
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