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Cletus Coffey is a thought-provoking, high energy and interactive speaker and trainer who motivates and inspires teams.

Cletus did a great job connecting with our players and engaging them in a very pertinent message about life beyond Football and how Football prepares you for life. His stories captured the attention of our players and helped them make the bridge with college, athletics and career opportunities. I highly recommend Cletus!

Jay Locey - Head Coach, Lewis & Clark College





IDEAL FOR: Athletic Staff | Athletes | Corporate Teams | Sales Professionals

This talk on transition and transformation is a real game changer for any coach, athletes, entrepreneur, sales professional or leader. 

Preparing for important life transitions is something Cletus knows well. Having shifted from a professional athlete, to an entrepreneur, Cletus faced unforeseen challenges to align his drive, fire, purpose, and skills as an athlete with the demands of career, family, finances, and lifestyle, in his new life after sports.    

Cletus speaks to all types of audiences, from corporate teams and entrepreneurs, to sports leadership and their student-athletes. He pulls from his experience as a professional and World Champion athlete, entrepreneur, and father, and has the ?unique ability to tailor his message to connect with and motivate any audience. 

Topics Covered:

  • Strategies used by former Professional Athletes, Olympians, and top business performers to align their purpose, meaning, passion, and drive with their lifestyle, career, and family to reach their HIGHest potential. 

  • Find out what KEY character skills and values may of us never learned (especially athletes), that must be understood and implemented in order to perform well and reach your desired results in work and life. 

  • Discover the key principles and skills athletes are never taught, that are holding them back from reaching their full potential in life after sports. 



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IDEAL FOR: Corporate and Athletic Teams | Leadership | Athletes | Sales Professionals

Have your teams ever been inconsistent with their performance? One good game or season, leads to a series of underachievement's. Or in business, one good quarter is followed by three underperforming ones.

This message is ideal for individuals and teams of all kinds. The X's and O's of sports and business are no longer enough for achieving long term sustainable success. When we place our attention on building up people to become individuals who are capable of long term success in life, we see performance explode. Very few teams and organizations incorporate the necessary EQ (emotional intelligence) to build up the character of their people for success on the field, in the office, and most importantly in life. 

Cletus shares his keys for creating and sustaining a culture and philosophy rooted in the personal and professional development of your teams for success. Topics Covered:

  • Identifying the barriers in your way. 
  • Communication skills which allow for an open, and deeper connection. 
  • Leading from the bottom up, versus top down. 
  • Turing conflict into collaboration. 
  • Having the team part of the creative process for greater buy in and support of the culture and goals. This section is worth its weight in gold! 


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