Creating an Elite Performance Culture

Ready to take your culture beyond the X's and O's? 


In a world where everyone is teaching and training on technical and tactical job skills as well as product knowledge, our work is designed to go beyond the X's and O's of leadership and culture.  

Our approach is simple, however, sustainable success is built on effort and work, rather than talent. 

"You cannot have the fruits without the roots." - Stephen Covey

The days of dangling carrots and using metrics as a way to motivate people are gone. People are unmotivated and dissatisfied by this approach, hence their actions reflect this approach. The end result is a team and organization that fails to meet it's true potential. 

We help create a culture driven by the development of elite performing human beings first. 

When you have a culture where people are valued and supported beyond their day to day work, you can develop better behavior and drive better results. 

Our training is designed to teach and implement leadership and culture expertise focused on developing a principle, value and character centered team who produces measurable results. 

Although you get access to simple, practical and systematic tools, our coaching and training is work. It involves effort, commitment and patience. 

How would it feel to be able to:

  • Recruit and retain top talent. 
  • Add value to your company and team.
  • Increase employee loyalty.
  • Increase the bottom line.

Cletus takes leaders through a process to ACT - ANALYZE - ADJUST - ALWAYS. 

Ready to take your culture beyond the X's and O's?