If you are like me, than there is a pretty good chance you were an athlete who reached your highest potential in sports, however have failed to beautifully replicate that success in life after sports. 

Or maybe, you are simply struggling in a sea of mediocrity looking for something that gives you the same feeling and rush as being an athlete. 

Understand something, athletes are wired differently. We have an athlete's mindset that we often do not know how to translate into life outside of sports. 

Since your competitive playing days, have you experienced:

  • Loss of identity.
  • Lack of purpose. 
  • Lack of meaning. 
  • Lack of structure. 
  • Missing your tribe.
  • Challenges communicating your skills and abilities to job recruiters?
  • Being stuck in mediocrity.
  • Depression or anxiety.

My friend, you are not alone. The good news is I have been where you are. I have wondered for years how I was and what was I to do with my life if not train and prepare for a next season in sports. 

My personal coaching for former athletes can help you find the same drive, passion and success you had as an athlete, in your life today.

Please contact me to schedule a complimentary 20 minute call to discuss how I can help find that HIGH you once had as an athlete in your work, relationships, health and wealth. 

Let's huddle up!