Be Present With The Athlete You Are Today

In my mind I was 21, but I ran two seconds slower than my best time that age.
— Cletus Coffey

News flash, you are not as young as you once were. However if you are like me you still think you are.

We need to spot beating ourselves up about the past and where we are in the present. Be the person you want to be today. Think of the look and feel you desire.

Let go of the idea of trying to be who you once were as a younger athlete.

Set goals for health and wellness for the age an situation you are in today. Avoid thinking you can get back to your “old playing weight,” or “look and complete like you did in high school.”

You may very well be able to look and complete like you once did, most don’t and we need to go easy on ourselves and focus on what we can create for ourselves in the present moment.

Cletus Coffey