Making of the World's Greatest Athlete

Photo: @estepworks

Photo: @estepworks

The Decathlon has prepared me for life because of all the ups and downs and a lot of sacrifice.
— Jeremy Taiwo

One of the most challenging things I ever attempted in sports, was the Decathlon in track & field. Ten events over two days, and a long ice bath in between. 

Decathletes are often given the title of the "World's Greatest Athletes."  Although I certainly did not find myself in that category, my guest certainly is. 

I met Jeremy Taiwo this past year, and we became instant friends. Our background and views aligned right off the bat.

Jeremy is an Olympic Decathlete who represented the USA in the 2016 Rio Olympics, and currently the 2018 US National Champion.

If you have never heard of Jeremy, now is the time to get familiar with him, because in 2020 he will be leading Team USA into Tokyo. 


Jeremy's path from youth sports, to the olympics, and now trying to qualify for the 2020 Games in Tokyo, has been filled with highs and lows, and ton of sacrifice. 

He is attempting to do something very few olympians have ever accomplished; qualifying for two olympic games, just like his father did.

His story is amazing, and his future is bright. Listen to Jeremy's story here on Episode 9.