EP 7 Sergia Lousie Anderson

The Power of Letting GO

First going to pole class was never about competing or winning, it was an hour where I could explore movement for myself and myself only.
— Sergia Lousie Anderson

I recently met Sergia Louse Anderson and was immediately intrigued by her journey from being an actress, who was actually getting work, to randomly finding her calling in pole dancing.

A calling which led her to become the US National Pole Dance Champion, and now one of the most sought after pole dance teachers and trainers in the world.


Sergia Louise is a dynamic athlete, dancer, and human being. The owner of The Vertitude (in my hometown on Santa Rosa, CA), she is now teaching other women how to find comfort and connection with themselves by creating art on a pole. 

Her journey as a dancer, World Champion, and entrepreneur is complete with the highs, the challenges, and learning lessons we all face. 

Here how she handles life doing what makes her feel so good here on Episode 7.