EP 23 Chris Smith

Why Breaking Up With Sports Is a Must For Former Athletes

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Athletes need to redefine success
— Chris Smith

Breakups are never easy, wouldn't you agree? 

Like me, I am sure you have been through some really tough one's in your day, however as a former athlete have you ever considered breaking up with your sport? 

I had not thought about the need to break up with my sport until my conversation with Chris Smith, the Founder and CEO of Athlete Network, the largest community of current and former athletes. 

Chris is a former NCAA Div I football player who struggled with the transition to life after sports. Wanting to help others going through the same sort of things he was, he started Athlete Network to best connect athletes, brands and hiring corporations together. 

In Episode 23, I ask Chris about the challenges he went through trying find his way after sports and how he was able to align his passion and purpose with sports to make a powerful impact on athletes across the country. 

Listen in as Chris breaks down some big issues many of us athletes face and how we can best build ourselves up for success in life after sports. 


In this episode you will learn:

  • The struggles for athletes post sports is REAL!

  • The power and freedom from breaking up with your sports

  • How to align your passion of sports with your business and career.

  • Why athletes die twice.


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