EP 20 Nate Lawrie

From the NFL to the Shark Tank: How to Follow Through on Your Dreams.

If I had a plan B I would have given myself an excuse not to make it in the NFL.
— Nate Lawrie

Our dreams far too often never make it down on paper let alone put into action because the fear of failing consumes us.

Even if we do take a step toward our vision we often pact a Plan B for the ride. Just “in case” it does not work out.

The challenges with this thinking if we avoid going all in on a dream the give ourselves excuses for why Plan A won’t work or didn’t work.

If you have even done this (I have), than I am excited for you to learn about Nate Lawrie’s journey.

Nate is a former NFL football player turned entrepreneur who was featured on ABC’s hit show the Shark Tank.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 6.32.05 PM.png

In this episode you will learn:

  • How he went from Yale University to the NFL.

  • His mindset for transitioning to life after football, while still playing.

  • What process he went through to launch his business and first product.

  • What it was like being on the Shark Tank and what ultimately happened on the show.

  • And more……

Cletus Coffey