EP 17 Jen Mueller

When Talking Too Much is the Key to Reaching Your Dreams

The best athletes to interview are those with life experience and perspective.
— Jen Mueller

It's easy to see Jen Mueller on TV and think, "wow she is so lucky!"

Each fall season she is on the football sidelines rubbing elbows with and interviewing the players and coaches from the Seattle Seahawks. In the spring and summer, she is doing the same with the Seattle Mariners. 

Jen has a career many sports fan would love to have. 

However, what you do not see on TV was the process, the obstacles, and huge barriers she had to endure to be in the position to bring fans up close and personal with Seattle's most popular teams.

On her journey to the sidelines she was told she wouldn't ever make it because she wasn't pretty enough, smart enough, and that women do not belong on the football field. 

She didn't listen. Instead, she kept on talking. 


Have you ever been told you would never make it following your dreams?

Life is, and always has been about the process, rather than the finished product. Very few people see the blood, sweat, tears, and obstacles that successful people go through. 

To help us understand what this process looks like, I talk with Jen about what her process looked like to accomplish what she has. We also dive into what her next steps are and what current obstacles and barriers she is attempting to overcome to reach her dreams. 

Dive in and listen to this very open and honest conversation with sports braodcaster, author, keynote speaker, and true conversationalist, Jen Muller on Episode 17. 



Cletus Coffey