How to Live a Life Full of Seeking

You talk like you write, and you write like you read. If I want to talk, I need to be writing and thus I better be reading.
— Yogi Roth

There are some people who just know how to put words to feelings and clarity to confusion. 

For me, this person is my man Yogi Roth. 

As a New York Times Bestselling author, filmmaker, storyteller, speaker, and college football analyst for the Pac-12 Network, Yogi's brings authentic value to this world through his desire, to always be seeking. 


Yogi is a former standout football player from Pennsylvania, who followed his dream by walking-on and playing as a Freshman at the University of Pittsburg.

After ending his playing career and searching for his next step, he found himself back on the football field.

Only this time with the USC Trojans and under the mentorship and guidance of USC Head Coach, Pete Carroll.

You may be wondering how he is able to manage all the things he has going on, and still find time to surf and travel the world. I know I did. 

His answers are simple, profound, and inspiring.

In this episode Yogi drops some of this simple and profound knowledge as we explore his transition from being an athlete to a man seeking to define his existence.

From filmmaking, storytelling, and world travels, to mentorship and the lessons learned from coaching football at USC, Yogi goes all in. 

All this and more on Episode 16