EP 13 Jason Johnson

How to Discover and Launch Your Passion

It is very possible to live out your passion and make money doing it.
— Jason Johnson

I am incredibly honored to call Jason Johnson a friend. After a chance encounter, he and I bonded quickly over our football playing days, and our desire to follow our individual passions. 

This was such a great interview as he provides so many tangible nuggets for any former athlete who has ever desired to make a living following their passion. 


Jason Johnson is a former PAC 10 and Canadian Football League league quarterback, turned storyteller with a camera.

Jason is not your average QB. While most professional football players only have time to focus on their game, Jason went beyond, and documented his teams journey...on film.

Turned on by an ESPN documentary crew filming him and his University of Arizona teammates, Jason found a burning passion for what he wanted to do when his career ended.

Now he is one of the most sought after video storytellers in the all of sports. 

Check out his priceless nuggets on sports, entrepreneurship, and making your passion your life's work on Episode 13. 



Cletus Coffey