Pursuing Passion After Making Olympic HIstory

Lauryn W.jpg
Nobody is cheering for you, this thing you once were, you no longer are, and you don’t know who you really are.
— lauryn williams

I just loved having Lauryn Williams on the podcast.

She is the first American Woman, and one of five people to ever medal in the both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. 

However her athletic endeavors are not what defines her. We dive into how she went from making Olympic history to finding her passion after her career ended.


We talk failures, resilience, finding her purpose in her post athletic career, and even gender inequalities in sports and the financial industry. One MAJOR point here is she too felt lost and unsure what her next steps where after sports.

Proof my friend that you and I are not alone. 

Enjoy listening to one of the greatest athletes in US Olympic history here on Episode 5.