Americas #1 Opportunity Trainer

JJ BIrden.jpg
It’s important to seize and maximize any opportunities that come your way. 

From the first time I met JJ Birden in Oregon many years ago, he has always been a lighting rod of positivity and inspiration.

Here is a guy who most people doubted who ever make it as a football player, yet he spent 9 years playing in the NFL. 

He saw an opportunity and went for it. Much like he still does today. 


JJ Briden is one of the most dynamic athletes you will ever come across. However, he is even a better human being.

I loved having him on because his is so inspiring and passionate about helping others. 

I hope you are as fascinated by his journey of success and disappointment to new doors being opened and how he has seized these opportunities, especially when the odds were against him.

Now as an author, speaker, and Americas #1 Opportunity Trainer, he is motivating thousands to take advantage of their opportunities. 

Listen in to the fire and passion JJ brings on Episode 3